Most Common Carpet Stains And How To Remove Them

Most Common Carpet Stains And How To Remove Them

You always protect your beautiful carpet by not accepting any spills and accidents which can, later on, become stains. Some harsh stains can destroy the beauty and shine of your carpet.  Stains on your carpet become frequent when you are living with the children and pets. They can leave your carpet dirty with some very hard stains such as Urine Stain.

Many a time, it becomes difficult to get rid of some stains such as wine, coffee, blood, ink, and pet stains. The preservation of your carpet can be simply done with the help of the right timing, proper use of chemicals, and choosing the best residential and industrial carpet cleaning services near you. Check out the following tips about the removal of some very usual stains:-

1.Blood stains

The very little amount of blood can leave a long-lasting brown colour spot on your carpet. First, you should sprinkle some cold water onto the stain. Using hot water will not help in the complete removal of the stain. Blood can become hard with the heat and it will become more tiring for you.

The spray of the solution of cold water and dishwashing detergent can help in the eradication of the bloodstain. Mark the stain dry by using paper towels and then clean with cold water. Repeat the steps till you see the complete disappearance of the stain.

2.Removal of ink stains

The carpets have natural fibres such as wool in their design. In the case of ink stains, acting immediately can help you in cleaning them positively. Rub some alcohol on the stained area. Do consult the guidelines given by the manufacturer before moving on for this stain removal. One hour is required after you apply an alcohol-based solution. Then dab the area with a microfiber cloth. After all the process dries the moisture with paper towels. You can use a hairdryer to dry out the carpet.

3. Red Wine stains

The most upsetting stains are red wine stains. They not only ruin your lighter carpets but also shows you that the precious red wine has been wasted by somebody. Quick action is again the key to resolve this issue. Use paper towels to soak the excess wine. Cover the stain with the help of tonic water. The bubbles will help you in breaking the stain. Dab the tonic water and apply a solution of water and vinegar.  Perform the process of blotting again and then coat the area with baking soda. You can vacuum the carpet after one hour or some more time and your carpet will be free of this stain.

4.Coffee spots

When you have kids around you they will copy every action of their elders. So spilling up the coffee on the carpet can happen often while they drink. For this, the solution is to blot the stained area as much as you can. Sprinkle some clean water and keep dabbing the patch till it is completely gone. You can also rub a frothy shaving cream with a clean piece of cloth if the stain is still there.

5. Pet stains

Sometimes these mishaps can happen from your most well-behaved and loved friends. The initial step to deal with this mess is picking up the poo or bloating their urine. Avoid scrubbing as this will outspread the litter and make the stain hard. Use a spray bottle to sprinkle some water and dishwashing detergent. After some minutes blot the stained area again by using paper towels. You can also make a solution of water and vinegar and spray it on the affected area. After sometime continue with the procedure of spotting the carpet dry. The next step is to spread some baking soda on a particular spot. This will help in removing odour and absorb any moisture left.

Still, Confused About Such Stain Removal? Hire Cleaning Experts

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